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SEM image:

A. Mani et al. ORR at sol-gel derived Co-based catalysts for  Fuel Cells, J. Electroanal. Chem. (2012)

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Your success is our mission.

Committed to success with all facets of a project – design optimization, efficient construction, and exceptional plant performance.

Use my extensive fuel cell skills with a PhD in the field, know-how to profitably deliver innovative clean energy solutions to our customers; creating rewarding opportunities for my business; providing extraordinary value to your business.


"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas Edison


Meet our team.

Motivated by challenges and look for innovative ways to achieve outstanding results.

Our Vision: Be the leading provider of innovative clean energy solutions.

Combined with integrity, humility, and a strong sense of ownership.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement by listening and applying the lessons learned on previous projects​



Providing solutions to reach 

your goals effectively.


Manixxium Consulting is passionate about developing and implementing practical, economically viable projects for sustainable energy supply by working with industry and communities to turn waste into energy, liabilities into assets, and opportunities into reality.

We seek to do work that translates into real projects that have measurable benefits for all customers

Industrial decarbonization requires innovative clean-renewable technology with energy-and-infrastructure modification across the whole material value chain, recycling end-of-life metals, pulp waste, cement, and polymers. The diversity of BC's emerging technologies is increasing the reuse of products, adapting, and deploying the best available technologies to reduce energy use per production volume, electrification by replacing fossil fuel with sustainably produced biomass, and low carbon-intensity hydrogen, adapting processes with carbon capture and developing innovative processes to reduce emissions.

MANIXXIUM supports industrial growth and partnerships to achieve our net-zero emissions target of BC firms by 2050 while simulating economic benefits from the clean energy transition.

SEM image: Titanium dioxide n-type Solar Cell 

A. Mani et al. Photoluminescence study of sexithiophene thin films, J. Phys. Chem.  B (2005)

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